Robertson’s Specialty Items

Specialty items

Sometimes life’s best gifts come in a jar. We aren’t just good at smoking meat; we have mastered a few other recipes to fill your plate. Pick from your favorite Robertson’s specialty items below or visit one of our locations to browse our selection in person.

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Habanero Salsa

16 oz.  $8

Eat it if you dare. Our habanero salsa is the hottest on the Robertson’s hot-o-meter. If you’re looking for uber flavor + spice, this is for you.

Hot Green Salsa

16 oz.  $8

Ranked No. 2 on the Robertson’s hot-o-meter, our hot green salsa is perfect for spicy-food lovers. Pair it with chips to dip or use it as a sauce on your favorite dish.

Picante Sauce

16 oz. $8

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of subtly spicy foods, this is your weapon of choice. We dial down the heat a bit from our habanero salsa, but still give you plenty of flavor to enjoy. Choose from medium or mild.


Black Bean Salsa

16 oz.  $8

Venture out from the usual and dip into our Black Bean Salsa. It holds a little heat from the green chile pepper, but nothing you can’t handle.


Peach Salsa

16 oz. $8

You have hit the jackpot! Our peach salsa is our most popular salsa and the best we carry – if we may say so ourselves. As a top-seller, it’s worth a look – give it a try today! It pairs amazingly with nachos, a ham sandwich or with chips.


BBQ Sauce

16 oz. $8

Looking to pile on the flavor for your taste buds? Now introducing your new secret weapon: Robertson’s BBQ sauce. It is the perfect condiment to enhance the taste of chicken, corned beef, hamburgers, roasts and more.


Chow Chow

16 oz. $8

This vegetable-packed chow chow is made with fresh ingredients, then pickled, canned and preserved. It’s perfect served cold as a condiment or used as a relish.


Green Tomato Pickles

16 oz. $8

These puppies complement catfish, barbecue and just about anything else under the sun. Eat it on the side or just swallow them up by themselves.