Robertson’s Gift Packages

gift packages

A Robertson's Hams gift package is not the gift that keeps on giving – we guarantee it will be eaten before long! But it is a gift that everyone will remember. Who doesn’t love food? And not just any food – the best smoked selections around! We’ve packed in the deliciousness to make gift-giving easy for any occasion. Shop our gift packages now.


Nice to Meat You


Half ham

Turkey breast

Smoked pork loin

The Big Daddy

(Father’s Day) $80.99

Smoked bacon

Summer sausage

Smoked cheese

Real beef jerky


Vegetarian’s Nightmare


Smoked bacon

Real beef jerky

Polish cooked sausage

Smoked Out


Smoked bacon

Smoked sausage

Smoked cheese


The Dream Team


Smoked bacon

Real beef jerky

What a Pig!


Smoked pork loin

Half smoked ham

Smoked bacon

Smoked pork sausage


Snack Attack


1 jar of real beef jerky

20-count jar of snack sausages

One Tough Jaw

this one comes with free shipping! $179.95

3 jars of real beef jerky

2 jars of 20-count snack sausages